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This open source library for the Spotify Web API provides an easy to use interface for .NET based languages, like C# and VisualBasic .NET. By using it you can query general spotify catalog information (tracks, albums and playlists), manage user-related content ("My Library", create and edit playlists) and control the users music players (play, stop, transfer playback, play specific track).


  • ✅ Typed responses and requests to over 74 endpoints. Complete and always up to date.
  • ✅ Supports .NET Standard 2.X, which includes all major platforms, including mobile:
    • .NET Framework
    • UWP
    • .NET Core
    • Xamarin.Forms
  • ✅ Included HTTPClient, but feel free to bring your own!
  • ✅ Logging supported
  • ✅ Retry Handlers supported
  • ✅ Proxy support
  • ✅ Pagination support
  • ✅ All OAuth2 Authentications supported for use in ASP .NET and CLI apps
  • ✅ Modular structure, for easy unit testing


using System;
using SpotifyAPI.Web;

class Program
    static async Task Main()
      var spotify = new SpotifyClient("YourAccessToken");

      var track = await spotify.Tracks.Get("1s6ux0lNiTziSrd7iUAADH");

More examples can be found on the website and in the SpotifyAPI.Web.Examples directory.

Docs and Usage

More Information, Installation-Instructions, Examples, Guides can be found at


Installation Instructions can be found in the Getting Started Guide


If you want to support this project or my work in general, you can donate a buck or two via the link below. However, this will be always optional!

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