🔉 An API for the Spotify-Client and the Spotify Web API, written in C#/.NET
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A Wrapper for Spotify's Web API, written in .NET

Spotify's Web API (link)

Based on simple REST principles, our Web API endpoints return metadata in JSON format about artists, albums, and tracks directly from the Spotify catalogue. The API also provides access to user-related data such as playlists and music saved in a “Your Music” library, subject to user’s authorization.

Docs and Usage

More Information, Installation-Instructions, Examples and API-Reference can be found at github.io/SpotifyAPI-Net/


You can add the API to your project via nuget-package:

Install-Package SpotifyAPI.Web
Install-Package SpotifyAPI.Web.Auth


Install-Package SpotifyAPI.Web -pre
Install-Package SpotifyAPI.Web.Auth -pre


SpotifyLocalAPI Example SpotifyWebAPI Example
WebExample LocalExample


If you want to support this project or my work in general, you can donate a buck or two via the link below. However, this will be always optional!

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