A Jade templating demo for Comp 20 at Tufts
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Comp 20 Templating Demo

A quick demo of Pug (formally Jade) templating using a Node.js back end for Comp 20 at Tufts. This is a mock superhero card game, where users can view cards for superheroes.

The slides from the guest lecture can be found here.

Running the Demo

Clone this repo Create a mongo database called "heroes" by running this command in your terminal

mongo heroes

Inside the mongo shell run these commands

db.heroes.insert({name: "Batman",health: 5,attack: 5, image:"batman.jpg", text:["Battlecry: Talks in a raspy voice","Deathrattle: Returns as Ben Affleck"]})
db.heroes.insert({name: "Superman",health: 100,attack: 100, image:"superman.jpg", text:["Charge","Battlecry: Wins you the game because he's mad overpowered"]})

Now run this example from inside the project directory.

nodejs index.js

Now visit localhost:5000/?hero=Batman in your browser.

Things to Try:

  1. Insert some more heroes into the database - see if you can get them to load into the app.
  2. Change the header for all pages.
  3. Change the card template so the cards look different.
  4. Add a post route so that users can add their own heroes.
  5. Try to crash the app with bad input!