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Project brainstorming

“Build with Colony”. Ok. But what should I build?

It might be that the sheer number of possible projects is making it hard to sit down and imagine one in particular to build.

Note: This document does not seek to limit or discourage other ideas or projects that might be entirely different from those described below, nor do the examples given represent ideas or projects that will be favored by judges in any way if created by a participant in the event.

Here’s just a few ideas that might get your train of thought out of the station an on its way:

Connect with Colony

There are plenty of tools used every day that could be made even more useful with an integration to Colony. One realm of possibility is a project that connects Colony to something you already find useful.

Easy: A chatbot integration that pulls events like task creation and ratings from a Colony, and brings them in as notifications to your office’s chatroom software.

Harder: Asana/Jira/Trello integrations that use these platforms as a frontend for Colony actions. Super-charge your productivity platform with actual funding, reputation, and ratings.

Extend Colony

There are limitations to Colony that might be overcome with some additional functionality. Maybe there is something more you’d like to see Colony able to do?

Easy: Interact with Colony contracts from external contracts (e.g. setting task ratings)

Harder: Build in an accounting system for Colonies that are also companies; auto-generate invoices, profit/loss statements, etc

Start a Colony

Colony is a platform for people. People do all sorts of things. People could do all sorts of things with Colony. Your project could help them.

Easy: Create a front end for using colony tasks and reputation in an academic setting such as proofreading or publishing.

Harder: Spec out an full-blown sharing economy (d)app based on Colony, and build a proof-of-concept.

Got ideas that are even better than above? Create a new issue and build ‘em!