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We welcome all contributions to colonyJS! Here are a few ways you can contribute:

Improving the colonyJS documentation:

Extending the functionality of colonyJS:

  • New Loaders
  • New Adapters

Maintaining the functionality of colonyJS:

  • Keeping clients in sync with colonyNetwork
  • Fixing bugs throughout the colonyJS packages

When making a larger change, please consult with the team on Gitter.

Code of Conduct

If you have not read our Code of Conduct, please do so before submitting an issue or pull request.


To report an issue, use GitHub Issues.

Pull Requests

When submitting a pull request, please fork off of the develop branch and create a feature branch that will include your changes. Please keep your branch up-to-date with the develop branch by using rebase instead of merge.


Use the following naming schema for your feature branch:

  • [feature/fix/maintenance/...]/[issue-#]-[a-short-description-in-kebab-case]
  • For example: feature/113-add-big-number-param-type.


  • When adding or updating existing tests, the changes should go on the same commit as the code that requires the test to be added or updated.

Commit Messages

  • Please be specific in the first line. For example, "Add BigNumber param type" instead of "Update params".
  • Please use the 50/72 rule for all commit messages. The first line should be capitalized and no longer than 50 chars and the following lines should be wrapped at 72 characters.
  • Please use indentation for bullet points. You can choose between asterisks or hyphens.