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  • Yarn 1.12.3
  • Docker
  • Node 10.12.0

You may find it helpful to use Node Version Manager (nvm) to manage Node versions.

If you are a Linux user, check out the Linux Setup page to ensure Yarn and Docker are set up accordingly.

Install Dependencies

Install development dependencies:


Start Network

Start a local test network with Ganache:

yarn start-ganache

Deploy Contracts

Open a new terminal window and deploy contracts with Truffle:

yarn deploy-contracts

Start TrufflePig

Open a new terminal window and connect to the deployed contracts with TrufflePig:

yarn start-trufflepig

Run Tests

Open a new terminal window and run tests:

yarn test

Test Install Package

Open a new terminal window and test install a package:

yarn colony-starter [colony-starter-package]