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The main code has temporarily moved to:

JoinMarket improves the privacy and fungibility possible using Bitcoin. A market, complete with orders and fees, incentivizes liquidity by allowing some users to charge for the use of their bitcoin while others pay for access to this supply of mixable coins.

JoinMarket's use of CoinJoin allows funds to stay safe with private keys never leaving a user's control.

By forming an efficient and safe online space for mixing, this project allows as many people as possible to benefit from an innovative form of mixing, thereby frustrating efforts to break privacy through blockchain analysis.

Key features:

  • Liquidity and fees are balanced by the market
  • Takers pay because they are willing to trade bitcoin for time
  • Makers get paid for their patience and by listing coins on offer
  • The CoinJoin mechanism enables mixing without escrow or custodial parties
  • Privacy and fungability for all Bitcoin users are improved with every join


Binary distribution

An updated Joinmarket-Qt GUI binary and python source version are in testing; these are an extension of the earlier versions (no longer supported) that were hosted here.

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