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A Matrix bot to use grep for searching in large messages using my own API


You can download the bot here


Just run the bot once (java -jar MatrixGrepBot.jar) to create the config.json or create a file in the same directory and paste

  "host": "",
  "username": "grepbot",
  "password": "",
  "usertoken": ""

then fill the json with your data and save it. Then start the bot again. Thats it.
Note: If a password is given, the config removes it and replace the token with the token of the given user If you want to use a usertoken, be sure the passwordfield is blank!


Invite the bot to a room. It will join automatically. Then reply on a message with
!grep <search pattern> or ! grep <search pattern>

Note Currently the bot only supports casesensitive search

The nextBatch-file is a file you shouldnt delete unless you want to run all past !grep commands again because it saves the sync-state

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