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Wpoison (PHP) v1.0 2016-01-18

This script is inspired by the perl script Wpoison
I don't run CGI/PERL scripts, so I decided to write a php equivalent which behaves in the same manner as the original Wpoison.
I added a benchmark for server tweaking. You can keep it or comment it out.

Differences vs the original script

  • Added a benchmark for server tweaking. You can keep it or comment it out.
  • Improved the calculated pause by changing its position in the code;
    This way, the pseudo web pages (random links) won't appear as soon as the page refreshes, thereby preventing server overload.
    You can read about Wpoison's potential impact on CPU/bandwidth and how it deals with it:


PHP 5+
Dictionary file from (or your own, one word per line)


Download or clone this github repository: git clone
Create a folder within your website's rootdir (e.g. /var/www/html/members) and put all the files into it.
Rename or copy wpoison.php to email.php, for this example.
I use members/email.php to make it look attracting for spammer web crawlers, but it can be anything you want.
Make sure you edit the .htaccess file accordingly.
Unpack the words.gz into the same folder: gunzip words.gz


Put a link on your main page (or any other page of your website) with a href or
Both will work, thanks to the .htaccess rules


The <BIG> tag is not supported in HTML5.
It's a small detail though, if it doesn't work for you, remove it or use CSS instead.


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