A simple login form using Ajax, PDO and PHP session
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#Ajax Login form This is a work-in-progress simple login form built with Ajax, PDO and PHP session. jQuery is used for the Ajax requests and Bootstrap is used for styling.


  • Clone the repo: $ git clone https://github.com/JompaGlitter/ajax-login-form
  • Add database connection details in the top of php/login.php
  • Create database table users if it doesn't exist and create columns id and name within.
  • Create database table passwords if it doesn't exist and create columns id, user_id and password within.
  • Store some user names and passwords and you're good to go.

###Important: The database connection will request the password based on the user id of the supplied name if the name is valid. Therefore make sure that users.id matches passwords.user_id when storing user information, otherwise the request will fail.

##Note The database connection is built with PDO and uses the PDO::prepare() and PDO::execute() to protect against SQL injection attacks. In this case though the password is assumed to be stored in plain text which of course is not optimal or secure at all. A better way to do it is to use password_hash on the plain text password and the password_verify for verification when logging in.