Minimal boilerplate and configuration for the development of static VR sites using aframe, react & es6
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#Simple Static React-Aframe

This repo is minimal boilerplate for VR sites written in React and Aframe.

It is intended for to get you up and developing with a minimum of fuss and configuration for a static, single page React & Aframe site. This repo gives you:

  • ES6/React (with sourcemaps)
  • Aframe & React-Aframe
  • CSS modules
  • watchfile'd development builds

And that's it.

You can see the initial output here:

The carpet and cube are created by the root component, so you can get quickly remove them. Sky, Earth, Camera and Cursor are all their own external components.

About React-Aframe:

Kevin Ngo's straight-forward wrapper React-Aframe ( ) provides a React Components for Aframe's <a-scene>, <a-entity> and <a-animation> components. It should be pretty obvious from the code here how React Component props map to Aframe components.

(You can still call the aframe's components directly if you want, but you'll need to stringify de-stringify the component arguments yourself - obviously this is not a bother for any static components.)

##Set up

Clone the repo and install the node dependencies.

git clone
cd simple-static-react-aframe
npm i



Run the npm script dev to develop.

npm run dev

A webpack server will now be running on 4000, serving the contents of the public directory. The entry files are in src - index.js and style.css.

NOTE: this is using webpack-dev-server, not actually overwriting the files in public. For that, you will need to run the build script.


Run the npm script 'build' to update style.css and index.js in the public directory. Upload this directory to your web server.

npm run build