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A recreation of the original Simon game. HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
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Retro Simon Game


To re-create the Simon memory game created by Milton Bradley in 1978. I tried to make the game feel as authentic as possible. I followed the style of the original game as closely as possible.

Technologies used:

Deployed with Surge


I created this app at the end of the first quarter during the Full-Stack Web Development immersive at galvanize in Austin. I learned Javascript, HTML, CSS, and JQuery during the first quarter so that's all I had to work with on this project. I had one week to make this project. Simon is a memory game where the player is shown a pattern and they must play that pattern back in the right order to get a new pattern. The goal is to get as many patterns right as possible and build your streak. Once you get one wrong you have to start over.

Biggest Challenge

I had a problem with displaying the pattern properly. I was trying to loop through an array and toggle a class that lit up the correct color in the pattern. I was trying to use a for loop, but the iterations happened so quickly that all of the colors were just lighting up at the same time. I tried everything I could think of to delay the iterations in the for loop with no success. I eventually did some research and came up with a custom recursive solution that used setTimeouts to control the speed of the toggling and the incrementation through the array.

Final Design

App Screenshot

Click The Image Below to See a Video Walkthrough


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