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cyber-dojo Foundation's free in-browser coding-dojo, running live at
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Latest commit ece98ea @JonJagger delete dead comments
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admin_scripts refactor hard-codes node names in admin_scripts/docker_machine/tail_r…
app delete dead comments
caches switched dojo.exercises and dojo.languages to use new dojo.caches
config refactor rename join/re-join -> start/continue on enter page
coverage refactor duplication in
db misc yak-like alterations as I move my main development environment f…
doc rake doc:app update
exercises add --silent option to chmod in refresh_cache scripts so you dont get…
katas refactoring
languages comment update
languages_offline remove version-numbers from container test-framework image-names (but…
lib breath life back into host_runner.rb as I try to reproduce a file ren…
log ensure empty log dir is in repo
notes delete dead code
public darkened panda image border as it was the only one with a light borde…
script Rails 3 - Rails, editor, dashboard (not diff or resume)
spec notes update
test filename-knave ordering now matches test-page filename-knave ordering
zips dashboard now has option to download zip of dojo
.autotest start a kata works, and the failing kata screen appears
.gemrc don't install docs for gems
.gitignore try to gitignore test/lib/disk_stub_cache.json
.rspec introduced a first rspec feature
.tm_properties trying to teach textmate to turn tabs into spaces
Gemfile Merge remote-tracking branch 'blessed/master' into async_1self
Gemfile.lock scaling notes update
README.RAILS Rails 3 - Rails, editor, dashboard (not diff or resume) update readme
README.rdoc doc update
Rakefile lose trailing whitespace in loads of files
all.rb quick debug session trying to find why OneSelf lat/long data is not g… Rails 3 - Rails, editor, dashboard (not diff or resume)
cyber-dojo-design.pdf updated design pdf and moved it to
license.txt terms and conditions,license, etc point to blog
readme.txt refactor duplication in
robots.txt added robots.txt file

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