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@@ -18,12 +18,6 @@ I'd like the entire session to be viewable as a single stand-alone html file.
I'd also like a small control which automatically scrolls the diff-view of
the selected file to the next -red+green diff-section.
-Branching from any traffic light
-I want a button which starts a new kata (without creating a new named starting
-fileset) from the state of the files at that traffic light. This will allow you
-to create a new exploratory "branch" for any new variations.
Creating new kata filesets
@@ -32,10 +26,6 @@ to become a new named starting fileset. This would be a good way to create
a "flying start" for a kata. So I want a button to automatically create a
new named fileset starting point from the state of the current files.
-Reliable Servers
- has an unreliable connection to the internet and sometimes
-goes down. I would like to host the server on a cloud provider, eg via Amazon.
Federated CyberDojos

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