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Welcome to the EfCore.GenericServices wiki!

If you are new to EfCore.GenericServices then make sure to have had a look at the Readme file which gives an overview of the library. You might also want to look at the longer introductory article.

The Wiki contains the documentation for the EfCore.GenericServices library (referred to as GenericServices in the docs) - see the RHS sidebar. But if you are like me you like to see the code in action, then you are in luck. This repo contains:

  • An example ASP.NET Core Razor Page application called RazorPageApp, which can be run locally (it uses a SQLite in-memory database so that it will run on any platform).
  • An example EF Core DataLayer. This is important because it shows how to build Domain-Driven Design (DDD)-styled entity classes which GenericServices can work with.

How the documentation is arranged

The sidebar places Examples right at the top, as most programmers like to see the code in action. The First-level page gives you an overview of the example code, with links to the key classes/views to look at.

The Introduction/Overview section describes parts of the system that GenericServices uses, and how to write that code to best work with GenericServices - such as the possible styles of the EF Core entity classes, what the DTO should do, how to build unit tests and performance figures. Go here if you want to understand something.

The "How to" section is a kind of reference section on how to setup and use GenericServices' features. Go here if you want to find out the parameters/settings for each of the commands.

Happy coding!

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