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// Copyright (c) 2017 Jon P Smith, GitHub: JonPSmith, web:
// Licensed under MIT licence. See License.txt in the project root for license information.
using System.Linq;
using BizDbAccess.Orders;
using BizLogic.GenericInterfaces;
using DataLayer.EfClasses;
namespace BizLogic.Orders.Concrete
public class PlaceOrderPart1 : BizActionErrors, IPlaceOrderPart1
private readonly IPlaceOrderDbAccess _dbAccess;
public PlaceOrderPart1(IPlaceOrderDbAccess dbAccess)
_dbAccess = dbAccess;
public Part1ToPart2Dto Action(PlaceOrderInDto dto)
if (!dto.AcceptTAndCs)
AddError("You must accept the T&Cs to place an order.");
if (!dto.LineItems.Any())
AddError("No items in your basket.");
var order = new Order
CustomerName = dto.UserId
if (!HasErrors)
return new Part1ToPart2Dto(dto.LineItems, order);