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// Copyright (c) 2019 Jon P Smith, GitHub: JonPSmith, web:
// Licensed under MIT license. See License file in the project root for license information.
using System;
using System.Linq;
using DataLayerEvents.EfClasses;
using DataLayerEvents.QueryExtensions;
using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;
using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.ChangeTracking;
namespace Infrastructure.ConcurrencyHandlers
public class FixConcurrencyMethods
private readonly EntityEntry _entry;
private readonly DbContext _context;
public FixConcurrencyMethods(EntityEntry entry, DbContext context)
_entry = entry;
_context = context;
/// <summary>
/// This fixes the Review cache values, ReviewsCount and ReviewsAverageVotes, by working out the change that the
/// two books were trying to apply and combining them into one new update (which will replace what the bookThatCausedConcurrency
/// wrote to the database.
/// This uses some maths to do this and has the benefit that it doesn't read the database, which might have changed during the time we do that.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="bookThatCausedConcurrency"></param>
/// <param name="bookBeingWrittenOut"></param>
public void CheckFixReviewCacheValues(BookWithEvents bookThatCausedConcurrency, BookWithEvents bookBeingWrittenOut)
var previousCount = (int)_entry.Property(nameof(BookWithEvents.ReviewsCount)).OriginalValue;
var previousAverageVotes = (double)_entry.Property(nameof(BookWithEvents.ReviewsAverageVotes)).OriginalValue;
if (previousCount != bookThatCausedConcurrency.ReviewsCount ||
previousAverageVotes != bookThatCausedConcurrency.ReviewsAverageVotes)
//There was a concurrency issue with the Review cache values
//In this case we need recompute the Review cache including the bookThatCausedConcurrency changes
//Get the change that the new book update was trying to apply.
var previousTotalStars = Math.Round(previousAverageVotes * previousCount);
var countChange = bookBeingWrittenOut.ReviewsCount - previousCount;
var starsChange = Math.Round(bookBeingWrittenOut.ReviewsAverageVotes * bookBeingWrittenOut.ReviewsCount) - previousTotalStars;
//Now we combine original change in the bookBeingWrittenOut with the bookThatCausedConcurrency changes to get the combined answer.
var newCount = bookThatCausedConcurrency.ReviewsCount + countChange;
var totalStars = Math.Round(bookThatCausedConcurrency.ReviewsAverageVotes * bookThatCausedConcurrency.ReviewsCount) +
//We write these combined values into the bookBeingWrittenOut via the entry
_entry.Property(nameof(BookWithEvents.ReviewsCount)).CurrentValue = newCount;
_entry.Property(nameof(BookWithEvents.ReviewsAverageVotes)).CurrentValue = totalStars / newCount;
//Now set the original values to the bookOverwrote so that we won't have another concurrency
//- unless another update happened while we were fixing this. In which case we get another concurrency to fix in the same way.
_entry.Property(nameof(BookWithEvents.ReviewsCount)).OriginalValue = bookThatCausedConcurrency.ReviewsCount;
_entry.Property(nameof(BookWithEvents.ReviewsAverageVotes)).OriginalValue =
/// <summary>
/// This recomputes the AuthorsOrdered string from the database. But to get the correct answer
/// we need to use Find, as that will return any entity that is in the DbContext. This picks up the change(s) applied
/// </summary>
/// <param name="bookThatCausedConcurrency"></param>
/// <param name="bookBeingWrittenOut"></param>
public void CheckFixAuthorOrdered(BookWithEvents bookThatCausedConcurrency, BookWithEvents bookBeingWrittenOut)
var previousAuthorsOrdered = (string)_entry.Property(nameof(BookWithEvents.AuthorsOrdered)).OriginalValue;
if (previousAuthorsOrdered != bookThatCausedConcurrency.AuthorsOrdered)
//There was a concurrency issue with the combined string of authors.
//In this case we need recompute the AuthorsOrdered, but we must use Find so that any outstanding changes will be picked up.
var allAuthorsIdsInOrder = _context.Set<BookWithEvents>()
.Where(x => x.BookId == bookBeingWrittenOut.BookId)
.Select(x => x.AuthorsLink.OrderBy(y => y.Order).Select(y => y.AuthorId)).ToList()
//Note the use of Find to get the changed data in the current DbContext
//That catches any changes that are waiting to be written to the database
var namesInOrder = allAuthorsIdsInOrder.Select(x => _context.Find<AuthorWithEvents>(x).Name);
var newAuthorsOrdered = namesInOrder.FormAuthorOrderedString();
//We write the new value into the bookBeingWrittenOut via the entry
_entry.Property(nameof(BookWithEvents.AuthorsOrdered)).CurrentValue = newAuthorsOrdered;
//Now set the original value to the bookOverwrote so that we won't have another concurrency
//- unless another update happened while we were fixing this. In which case we get another concurrency to fix in the same way.
_entry.Property(nameof(BookWithEvents.AuthorsOrdered)).OriginalValue = bookThatCausedConcurrency.AuthorsOrdered;
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