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Example CQRS application using Cosmos DB with EF Core
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This example application goes with the article Building a robust CQRS database with EF Core and Cosmos DB.

How to build and run this application

You need:

  1. NET Core 2.2 installed.
  2. You need SQL Service localhost, e.g.(localdb)\\mssqllocaldb, which is installed with Visual Studio 2017.
  3. You need Azure Cosmos DB Emulator for local development and testing installed and running.
  4. You need to update the authKey in the appsetting.json file to the Primary Key from the running Cosmos DB Emulator

The first time you run the EfCoreSqlAndCosmos ASP.NET Core application it will create a SQL database called EfCoreSqlAndCosmos-Sql and a Cosmos DB database called LocalCosmosDb. It will then proceed to seed them with 55 books.

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