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Are We Componentized Yet (2012 - 2017)

Are We Componentized Yet was a site tracking the development and implementation of web components in different browsers. When I started it, back in 2012, it was often difficult to track where browsers were up to with developing new features. You had to piece together what you could from bug trackers, mailing lists, and commit logs. Fortunately, nowadays, things are much better. All the major browsers have offical status trackers that tell you what they support, what they're working on, and what their future plans are. I'd like to imagine that AWCY's approach provided at least a little bit of the inspiration for these systems.

Anyway, since the information is available elsewhere in a more official and up-to-date form, and aggregated much better in places such as and, I've decided to retire AWCY. I haven't really given it the necessary attention in the past years anyway, and relied on others in the community to prod me when it became outdated. So retiring it seems the best course of action. The full history will, of course, remain available through the GitHub repo, and anybody else is free to fork and host their own copy (although I would request that you clarify the attribution section, if you do so).