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Slingworks 0.2

A simple and powerful Windows+Linux 'bring your content' engine built in Zig and powered by GLFW/OpenGL/ImGui.

Slingworks makes no assumptions about your games content and instead offers a framework to organize your code into simple and fast scenes and entity collections, all with an embedded runtime editor and powered by flexible serialization!

Slingworks is aimed at small to medium scale 2d projects that want to allow the fanbase to create and contribute to the game as easily as developers do.

Whats missing?

Right now there are several pieces of Slingwork missing or lacking polish:

  • Services
  • Gamepad support
  • Linux support

Platform support

For now Slingworks is very early work in progress and supports Windows, but it is very likely to be just 10-20 minutes of work to get working on linux.



Linux: (wip)

Getting Started

Check out the wiki for installation and beginner guides to how Slingworks is used.

Wheres the example?

Check out the open source full game in development that will serve as the all encompassing example for slingworks, named Underburrow!

Or for more directed advice and tutorials check out the wiki

My built game requested local network permissions?

This is because debug builds initialize FMod Studio with net connection for live audio authoring.

My game crashes trying to de/serialize something?

The serializer should handle every reasonable type including basic array lists and string hashmaps, but it is unavoidable to crash if you attempted to serialize untagged unions, opaque, or packed types in your entities.


Thanks to fontawesome for being a great, lean, embeddable icon font included with the editor to make the UI as clear as it could be.


Small to Medium scale 2d Game Engine for Zig