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Vagrantfile Basic stuff works May 15, 2019

Gitlab and AWX Demo

I recently had cause to expain how an AWX and GitOps environment might work. To help with that, I built this demo environment.

The Vagrantfile works, but is quite memory constrained.

The Ansible Playbook creates the following environment:

  • Services
    • Gitlab - HTTP only, on http://:1080
    • AWX - HTTP only, on http://
  • Users (Password: Sup3rSecr3t)
    • (Gitlab only) root - Admin account
    • (Gitlab only) awx - Service account for AWX connection
    • csa, ops, release - User accounts for AWX and Gitlab
    • (AWX only) admin - Admin account

It does not "connect" AWX to Gitlab, aside from creating an AWX credential.


Please see the issues page for a list of enhancements that would be good to implement!

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