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A starter kit for people new to IT and InfoSec
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InfoSec Starter Kit

Here are some materials for someone who wants to break into Information Security.

Getting Started

  1. Set up an account on an RSS reader of your choice (I suggest feedly).
  2. Download and import feeds.opml and read all the articles.
  3. Setup a podcast app (iTunes, Pocket Casts, etc.).
  4. Download and import podcasts.opml. Set them all to automatically download (I suggest restricting this to only while on WiFi).
  5. Read through some of these articles.


  • Make your time as efficient as possible. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks while you're driving, exercising, doing yard work, etc.
  • Find things that interest you and play around with them. Ask a lot of questions, be curious. Continue to dig into a topic until you feel you could easily teach it to somebody else from scratch.
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