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❗️ This project is just a curated list of resources to help with the implementation of MLKit's TensorFlow Lite for the nativescript-plugin-firebase, more precisely for the missig custom inference part.

Expected behavior

TFLite should infer models based upon a .lite model file. In this example, it should accept the model:

Custom Model: tf_files/optimized_graph.lite

combined with this input:

Input: tf_files/flower_photos/daisy/3475870145_685a19116d.jpg

and be able to print:

Expected output:

daisy 0.7361
dandelion 0.242222
tulips 0.0185161
roses 0.0031544
sunflowers 8.00981e-06

Note: here we use a picture for simplicity, but it should obviously infer right from live video too by pointing the camera to a flower...


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