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Changelog for Redis::Objects

0.5.2 [Development]

  • Added Redis::SortedSet#member? method [Karl Varga]

  • Added ttl method to CoreCommands [Karl Varga]

0.5.1 [Final] (23 May 2011)

  • Fixed super class delegation conflicts with Redis Counters vs ActiveRecord [Tim Aßmann]

  • Added zcount method to SortedSet [dunedain289]

  • Updated redis-objects to look for Redis.current and prefer it over global $redis variable [Jean Boussier]

  • Updated URLs to reflect new website [Jérémy Lecour]

0.5.0 [Final] (8 November 2010)

  • Incompatible change: Had to rename Redis::Hash to Redis::HashKey due to internal conflicts with Redis lib and Ruby [Nate Wiger]

  • Fixed AR counter override so that Redis::Objects doesn't hide AR counters [Mattias Pfeiffer]

  • Fixed delete problem with Redis::List and complex values [Esdras Mayrink]

  • Fix Redis::HashKey to support complex (marshaled) types [Mattias Pfeiffer]

  • Group results of SortedSet#rangebyscore and #revrangebyscore if :withscores option is passed [Szymon Nowak]

  • Updated Redis DEL semantics per API change [Gabe da Silveira]

0.4.1 [Final] (23 August 2010)

  • Fixes for Ruby 1.8 failures due to missing flatten() [Gabe da Silveira]

  • Enable subclasses of classes mixing in Redis::Objects to automatically pick up objects from their superclasses [Gabe da Silveira]

  • Renamed prefix() and field_key() to redis_prefix() and redis_field_key() to prevent gem conflicts [Jason Meinzer]

  • Fixed a typo in delete_if and added missing test coverage [Julio Capote, Nate Wiger]

0.4.0 [Final] (11 August 2010)

  • Full support for redis hashes via new Redis::Hash class [Julio Capote, Nate Wiger]

  • Now dependent on redis-rb client 2.0.4 or later. Should still be backwards compatible with redis-server 1.x

  • Fixes to sets and sorted sets to bring them up to speed with redis-rb 2.0 from tomstuart [Tom Stuart]

  • Incompatible change: Update list[x,y] and sorted_set[x,y] to work consistently with Ruby in all cases [Tom Stuart]

  • Refactoring to make constructors common across all object types from dbalatero [David Balatero]

  • Renamed :withscores option to :with_scores for consistency with redis-rb 2.0, but kept backwards compat [Tom Stuart, Nate Wiger]

0.3.2 [Final] (21 July 2010)

  • New “maxlength” option to Redis::List can create length-limited lists (eg, like a ring buffer) from dbalatero [David Balatero]

  • Fix score conversions in Redis::SortedSet (scores are floats, not ints) from tomstuart [Tom Stuart]

  • Switched from rspec to bacon for tests

0.3.1 [Final] (1 June 2010)

  • Integrated fixes for sorted_set deletions from capotej [Julio Capote]

0.3.0 [Final] (14 April 2010)

  • Due to Ruby 1.9 bugs and performance considerations, marshaling of data types is now OFF by default. You must say :marshal => true for any objects that you want serialization enabled on. [Nate Wiger]

  • Sorted Set class changed slightly due to feedback. You can now get an individual element back via @set['item'] since it acts like a Hash.

0.2.4 [Final] (9 April 2010)*

  • Added sorted set support via Redis::SortedSet [Nate Wiger]

0.2.3 [Final] (18 February 2010)*

  • Added lock expiration to Redis::Lock [Ben VandenBos]

  • Fixed some bugs [Ben VandenBos]

  • Added lock tests and test helpers [Ben VandenBos]

0.2.2 [Final] (14 December 2009)*

  • Added @set.diff(@set2) with “^” and “-” synonyms (oversight). [Nate Wiger]

  • Implemented Redis core commands in all data types, such as rename. [Nate Wiger]

  • Renamed Redis::Serialize to Redis::Helpers::Serialize to keep Redis

    cleaner. [Nate Wiger]

  • More spec coverage. [Nate Wiger]

0.2.1 [Final] (27 November 2009)*

  • First worthwhile public release, with good spec coverage and functionality. [Nate Wiger]

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