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Automate UI tests using OCR

This is in early stages, don't expect it to work flawlessly!

captest (Hey, anybody have an idea for a better name?) is a cross platform (ok, only Linux so far but should be easy to port) UI testing library based on OCR and image recognition. Basically the library takes a screen capture of the program under test, figures out where an image or a text is within that screen capture, moves the mouse to this position and triggers a click event.

Benefits over other forms of testing:

  • It is truly black-box testing. The test framework doesn't need to know anything about the UI toolkit, etc.
  • Does still work when using custom or non-standardized screen elements (e.g. a round button rather than the ususal square ones)
  • Test cases are usually easy to understand because they do exactly what a human testr would do (e.g. Click on 'Export', Check if 'icon x' is visible, Check if test 'xxxx' is visible).


  • It can be a bit fragile, especially when using special fonts, low-contrast, etc.
  • Tests run quite slow


from captest.window import Window
import time
import unittest

class Test1(unittest.TestCase):
    def test1(self):
        window = Window.from_active_window()

        time.sleep(1) # That's not very nice, should implement something like window.wait_for(...)

        dialog = Window.from_active_window()


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