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Sjadam (Chess + Checkers) made using JS!
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♔ Sjadam ♚

Sjadam (Chess + Checkers) made using JS! To try the game out yourself, check out!

Sjadam game

Different colored squares indicate what moves are available

  • #0068dc Sjadam jump
  • #a100dc Chess move ( #dc6a00 castling has its own color aswell)

Game rules

  • You may start of your move with either a sjadam jump or a legal chess move.
  • Once you do a chess move (or rightclick on a tile), your turn ends.
  • The sjadam jump is valid if you can jump over a piece onto an empty field. It can be any direction; north/south, west/east or sideways.
  • You may jump over as many of your own pieces as you like, but only over one opponent piece each turn.
  • You may do a chess move whenever you feel like it.
  • If any piece except the king makes it all the way to the opponents side, it evolves into a queen.


  • Indicate where starting position of piece is.
  • Add game-over screen.
  • Online
    • Respond to opponent disconnections.
    • Add promotion communcation between clients.
    • Remove reset button/Replace with "Resign" button.
    • Chat
  • Look through recently played games (?)

Known bugs

It is possible to end your turn by jumping back to your starting position.


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