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unofficial gui manager for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
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WSL Manager

An easy way to manage your multiple linux subsystems

For now my app let's you delete or set as default any installed instance of WSL App screenshot

It supports extremally useful icon in notification area which lets you set your default distribution without opening an app Tray screenshot

All you need to do is download latest release. It doesn't require installation nor admin rights.


Settings are stored in config.json and can be edited via in-app menu

Setting Description
Close to tray Define if app should be closed or minimized to tray after clicking close button
Debug mode Turns on debug mode
Search interval As default, distibution list only refreshes after changes like deleting or changing default. With this option you can set time in which list will be updated. It's useful if you are changing distributions frequently

Debug mode

This is still work in progress and requires more work.

Debug mode gives you access to the console.

Setting Description
updateList() Forces refresh. Can be also done with a button
getDistroList() Gives list of found distributions
refreshTrayIcon() Refreshes tray icon

Debug mode commands will be improved in the future commits

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