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I'm a bonafide graphic designer and wannabe web dev. This is the repository for my website.
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Welcome to the repository for

This repository chronicles the long and arduous process of implementing Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Isotope, CSS grids, SASS, and more on my website, all while learning how the hell to use git (I'm still not sure I know).

Things I've done:

  • Moved from pure HTML/CSS to Vue.js!
  • Moved from Vue.js to Nuxt.js!
  • Made the navbar sticky!
  • Ditched Bootstrap.css for pure CSS grids!
  • Implemented @nuxtjs/pwa progressive web app stuff!

Things I'll do:

  • Replace vue-sticky with VueAffix
  • Include Fancybox CSS only pages where it's necessary
  • Retool home button hiding on small views
  • Redirect to HTTPs using middleware or something...
  • Implement jQuery as a plugin?
  • Use only SASS?
  • Use webpack imagemin?

Built with love and Nuxt.js.

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