A python script that extracts code from a literate programming document in "noweb" format.
Latest commit 81cd901 Apr 19, 2015 Jonathan Aquino Fix chunks with same name not getting appended together...
> From: Jörg Höhne
> Subject: "Serious" bug in noweb.py
> Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 11:48:25 +0200
> To: jonathan.aquino@gmail.com
> Dear Jonathan,
> there is bug in the python script regarding the original noweb specification. The specifications states that chunks of the same name are concatenated which does not happen as each identified chunk name creates an empty list (line 25).
> To check the problem simply add
> <<license>>=
> Error: Chunks with the same name should be concatenated...
> @
> to the file noweb.py.txt. Change line 25 to
> chunks[chunkName] = chunks.get(chunkName, [])
> solves the bug by returning the already filled list or, in case of a previously unknown chunk name, an empty list.
> Best regards,
> Jörg
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