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Bitseal is a Bitmessage client for Android.

Please note that Bitseal is not currently under active development, due to time constraints. Anyone is free to use or develop Bitseal under the terms of the Gnu General Public License Version 3.


Working features

  • Sending messages
  • Receiving messages
  • QR codes for addresses
  • Address Book
  • Import addresses
  • Export addresses
  • Choose which servers to use (including your own)
  • Local encryption of the app's database (using SQLCipher)


  • At this stage Bitseal should NOT be considered to be secure, and therefore should be used for testing and experimentation only. Please take this warning seriously!
  • Some parts of Bitseal include, are based on, or are reliant upon software written by others, including Jonathan Warren, Sebastian Schmidt, Tim Roes, Roberto Tyley, Mark Murphy, the bitcoinj developers, the Bouncy Castle developers, and the Guardian Project developers. This is noted in the source code where applicable.
  • Bitseal relies on a lightweight server application to relay messages to and from the Bitmessage network. Anyone is free to set up and use their own server. The server application is a slightly modified copy of PyBitmessage.
  • See also the repositories bitseal-server and bitseal-tests.


Copyright 2014, 2015 Jonathan Coe

Bitseal is free, open source software, licensed under the Gnu General Public License Version 3.