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Open-source benchmark suite for cloud microservices
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X-Trace DeathStarBench

This is a modified version of the Cornell DeathStarBench. It has been modified to add X-Trace tracing support. Please note the modified build / install / run directions.

Open-source benchmark suite for cloud microservices. DeathStarBench includes five end-to-end services, four for cloud systems, and one for cloud-edge systems running on drone swarms.

End-to-end Services suite-icon

  • Social Network (released)
  • Media Service (released)
  • Hotel Reservation (released)
  • E-commerce site (in progress)
  • Banking System (in progress)
  • Drone coordination system (in progress)

License & Copyright

DeathStarBench is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.

DeathStarBench is being developed by the SAIL group at Cornell University.


More details on the applications and a characterization of their behavior can be found at "An Open-Source Benchmark Suite for Microservices and Their Hardware-Software Implications for Cloud and Edge Systems", Y. Gan et al., ASPLOS 2019.

If you use this benchmark suite in your work, we ask that you please cite the paper above.


If you are interested in joining the beta-testing group for DeathStarBench, send us an email at:

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