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version: 0.3.{build}
- master
- /dev-.*/
- Release
# XXX: LNK1104: cannot open file 'python27_d.lib'
# - Debug
clone_folder: c:\projects\triton
# python is automatically found by the find_package's
CAPSTONE_INCLUDE_DIRS: c:\projects\triton\build\capstone-3.0.4\include
BOOST_ROOT: c:\Libraries\boost_1_59_0
- platform: Win32
CAPSTONE_LIBRARIES: c:\projects\triton\build\capstone-3.0.4\msvc\%configuration%\capstone.lib
Z3_INCLUDE_DIRS: c:\projects\triton\build\z3-4.4.1-x86-win\include
Z3_LIBRARIES: c:\projects\triton\build\z3-4.4.1-x86-win\bin\libz3.lib
- platform: x64
CAPSTONE_LIBRARIES: c:\projects\triton\build\capstone-3.0.4\msvc\x64\%configuration%\capstone.lib
Z3_INCLUDE_DIRS: c:\projects\triton\build\z3-4.4.1-x64-win\include
Z3_LIBRARIES: c:\projects\triton\build\z3-4.4.1-x64-win\bin\libz3.lib
- cmd: cd c:\projects\triton
- cmd: mkdir build
- cmd: cd build
- cmd: echo Downloading z3...
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="Win32" curl -fsSL -o ''
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="Win32" 7z x
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="x64" curl -fsSL -o ''
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="x64" 7z x
- cmd: echo Downloading capstone...
- cmd: curl -fsSL -o ''
- cmd: 7z x
- cmd: echo Building capstone...
# This is required because capstone's slns/vcxprojs file have been made with an old version of MSVC which is not a problem in itself,
# the issue will show up when trying to link capstone.lib (generated with an old toolset) into triton that is generated with the new toolset.
# This result in annoying linking errors (sprintf/and similar functions don't get resolved) - we could also link legacy_stdio_definitions.lib to triton
# but I would rather build everything I can with the same toolset:
# The switch /p:PlatformToolset allows you to override the toolset version specified in the solution/project files :-)
- cmd: msbuild capstone-3.0.4\msvc\capstone.sln /p:Configuration=%configuration% /p:Platform=%platform% /p:PlatformToolset=v140 /t:capstone_static /m
- cmd: echo Running cmake...
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="Win32" cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 14 2015"
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="x64" cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64"
- cmd: chdir
project: c:\projects\triton\build\triton.sln
# This happens in the build directory: c:\projects\triton\build
# XXX: Hm, I'm pretty sure there's a better way to run the tests in AppVeyor, need to read the docs
# Install the modules in the Python environment while we are in the build directory
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="Win32" C:\Python27\python.exe install
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="x64" C:\Python27-x64\python.exe install
- cmd: cd %configuration%
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="Win32" copy ..\z3-4.4.1-x86-win\bin\libz3.dll libz3.dll
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="x64" copy ..\z3-4.4.1-x64-win\bin\libz3.dll libz3.dll
- cmd: move triton.dll triton.pyd
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="Win32" if "%configuration%"=="Release" 7z a -t7z ..\..\triton.x86.release.7z *
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="Win32" if "%configuration%"=="Debug" 7z a -t7z ..\..\triton.x86.debug.7z *
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="x64" if "%configuration%"=="Release" 7z a -t7z ..\..\triton.x64.release.7z *
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="x64" if "%configuration%"=="Debug" 7z a -t7z ..\..\triton.x64.debug.7z *
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="Win32" C:\Python27\python.exe ..\..\src\testers\
- cmd: if "%platform%"=="x64" C:\Python27-x64\python.exe ..\..\src\testers\
- cmd: chdir
- path: triton.*.7z