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HTML/CSS Rendering of a Google Searchpage
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Google Searchpage Project

This purpose of this project was to deconstruct and rebuild a webpage as accurately as possible. The provided webpage was the google searchpage with the search "build this webpage." This was the advanced version of a similar project, build the google homepage.

This is a project from The Odin Project.

Google Searchpage


Open your Terminal/Command Line. Navigate to the directory where your version will live. Type in the following:

$ git clone
$ cd google-searchpage
$ xdg-open index.html

To exit out of the session in the command line, press CTRL+C.

Pre-Project Thoughts

Take note at this point I only have basic HTML, CSS, Chrome Dev Tool, and Git skills. I will do my best!

Post-Project Thoughts

It turned out pretty OK! One thing the page is definitely missing is responsive design. I will learn that later on in the curriculum.

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