A tool for creating splines in the Unity editor window
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A tool for creating splines in the Unity editor window Created by Jon Coughlin Basic spline and spline inspector functionality inspired by Curves and Splines tutorial at catlikecoding.com

-Contents- BezierSpline.cs A bezier spline class capable of outputting bezier curves integrated between user-defined control points at a user-defined resolution. Control points exist as: Anchor points - points through which the spline must intersect Stretch points - points that define the spline curve inbetween anchors.

BezierSplineEditor.cs A custom Unity editor that allows click/drag manipulation of the spline in the Unity scene view


  1. Add the Spline Editor folder to your Unity project
  2. Add the BezierSpline class to a Unity object
  3. Manipulate your BezeirSpline in the Unity scene view with mouse and keyboard

-Controls- --Select Points--

  • Select a control point for manipulation [Left Click OR Right Click] --Move Points--
  • Move a control point in spline XZ plane [LeftClick+Drag on control point]
  • Move a contol point in the spline Y axis [RightClick+Drag on control point] --Add/Remove Points--
  • Add new anchor point to spline at mouse location [Ctrl+LeftClick on spline]
  • Remove point from spline [Ctrl+RightClick on control point] !Note! When removing a control point, the Stretch and Anchor point(s) associated with the clicked point will also be removed.