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Syscall and helper library for the Casio FX-CG (Prizm) color graphing calculator.


You can download precompiled packages from the releases page. If you're using Windows you can get a precompiled SDK package that includes everything you need to get started. See the Windows HOWTO document for a walkthrough.

SDK packages

The SDK packages provide everything you need to build programs, including a compiler. You should use these unless you know you want to do something different.

Place your project(s) in the projects directory underneath the unpacked release. You may wish to copy or modify the included example project to get set up quickly. Running make from the project directory will suffice to build a ready-to-run g3a.

Library archives

For other platforms (non-Windows) where we don't currently provide SDK packages, the library archive releases provide the compiled libraries (.a) and corresponding include files to use with your compiler and build system.

Add-in build requirements

It is infeasible to document how to set up your compiler on many platforms, but the basic requirement is that you have a version of GCC built to target sh3eb-elf-none.

When building code, you'll need to use the -mb, -m4a-nofpu, -mhitachi and -nostdlib flags to GCC to build code in big-endian mode for SH4a using the Hitachi calling convention, and skipping any C library or startup code that may come with your compiler.

When linking, you'll need to explicitly link libgcc and libfxcg at least, and optionally also libc for utility functions. libgcc provides support functions that the compiler requires, and libfxcg includes all of the Prizm-specific items, including startup code necessary to start up a program correctly.

When linking a final binary, you will also need to specify an appropriate linker script (-Tscript.x). You may wish to use or adapt the one we provide.

Examples and more documentation.

A few example programs can be found in the examples directory.

More detailed documentation can be found on WikiPrizm.

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