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NOT CURRENTLY WORKING -- Tesla updated their endpoint and this is not working currently. You are welcome to try to fix if you like.


Control your Tesla vehicle from PowerShell. Watch the demo at!

Tesla PowerShell Module

This module will enable you to call Tesla commands (like those from and your phone app) in a PowerShell script, and automate them in Scheduled Tasks etc. just like Windows services.

  • Start your climate control automatically
  • Log your physical location over time
  • Use your imagination!


See the TeslaPSModule wiki for more info on the project.


This module is available on PowerShell gallery! If you have Windows 10 or WMF 5.0 or other access to PowerShell Gallery, just run "Install-Module Tesla" or visit

Otherwise, you can install manually as follows:

  1. Create folder C:\Users\<username>\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\Tesla
  2. Copy Tesla.ps1 and Tesla.psm1 into that directory.
  3. You will only have to call Connect-Tesla once (use your email and password as with, these will be encrypted and cached in your user profile.
  4. After that you can call Get-Tesla and Set-Tesla as much as you like.

This is a first release and not all functions are currently supported, although more can easily be added.

Currently supported commands are:

  • Get-Tesla commands:
    • climate_state
    • charge_state
    • gui_settings
    • drive_state
    • vehicle_state
    • vehicle_config
    • vehicles
  • Set-Tesla commands:
    • mobile_enabled
    • auto_conditioning_start
    • auto_conditioning_stop
    • door_lock
    • door_unlock
    • sun_roof_control?state=close
    • sun_roof_control?state=comfort
    • sun_roof_control?state=vent
    • charge_stop
    • charge_start

Example Usage

PS> Connect-Tesla

Enter web site credentials when prompted

PS> Get-Tesla -Command drive_state

shift_state :

speed :

latitude : 47.636793

longitude : -122.134307

heading : 265

gps_as_of : 1432940624

PS> Set-Tesla -Command auto_conditioning_start

Next Steps

The syntax for specific commands could be improved a bit, and this should eventually have proper installer / package manager package.

Fixes, suggestions, improvements etc. are all welcome via the GitHub repository.


Control your Tesla vehicle from PowerShell







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