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BibTeX Label Generator for Endnote

This is a simple plugin for Endnote that generates BibTeX labels for Endnote to be exported using the built in BibTeX export plugin.

Some notes:

  1. The format for labels is {author_surname.lower}{shortyear}, the detection of surnames may be not bullet proof.
  2. It will not overwrite existing labels, if it encounters a potential duplicate label, it will append a random 5 character string to the label, eg. if ranu09 is used, the next time it sees a label that would be ranu09, it will use ranu09-adf4v instead.
  3. A second menu item is included that inserts an underscore between the surname and short year, as this feature was requested


To build this, you'll need the following in your build path:

  1. Rapidxml
  2. C++ Boost
  3. Endnote sdk
  4. Visual Studio 2008


If you're on Windows 10, copy the .dll file from the root directory of this repository.

Copy the file from vc9/Release/BibTex/BibTeX-Label-Creator.dll into My Documents/Endnote/Plugins (create the folder if it doesn't exist) and start Endnote.


Once installed:

  1. Go to Tools->Generate BibTeX Labels
  2. Wait for it to run, (you may need to set Endnote to display labels in the main view by right clicking the column heading and select Label)
  3. Set Endnote to export using the BibTeX output style (Edit->Output Styles->Open Style Manager and make sure BibTeX Export is ticked),
  4. Export your Endnote library to .bib (File->Export, uncheck Export Selected References if you want to export all your references), select the BibTeX Export output style, choose a file name with .bib extension and click save,
  5. Use the resulting .bib file in your LaTeX documents!


Plugin for Endnote to generate bibtex labels







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