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Converts an album into an mp4 file, useful for uploading to youtube
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Converts a folders of mp3 files into a mp4 single. Useful for uploading to youtube. It will also generate a handy .txt file describing when the start of each track is.


You will need:

  • Python
  • pip install mutagen, used for analysing mp3 tags and info
  • A recent version of ffmpeg or avconv

It should work on any system as long as you have those requirements, if you're running windows, you will need to specify a font file path.


You can quickly generate a file by running:

./ -f /path/to/folder -o /path/to/output.mp4 -c /path/to/folder/coverart.jpg

Running --help will yield:

usage: [-h] [-f folder] [-o output] [-c cover] [-s]
                    [-p font_path] [-v]

Turn a folder of mp3 files into a single video suitable for youtube upload

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f folder, --folder folder
                        The folder containing the mp3 files
  -o output, --output output
                        The name of the output file
  -c cover, --cover cover
                        Location of the cover art
  -s, --song-title      Add the song title to the video
  -p font_path, --font-path font_path
                        Path to font file
  -v, --verbose         Provide verbose output

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