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What is IdleMiner?

IdleMiner is a simple little program written in C# that provides an easy-to-configure wrapper for the poclbm Bitcoin miner. It also has a built-in activity monitor that will automatically start mining when your PC has been inactive for a desired amount of time, and will stop mining when it becomes active again.


How do I use it?

Simply download the ZIP or 7z archive, extract it, and run IdleMiner.exe. In the configuration window, put in the details for your pool, your username/password, your desired work-size/vectors/etc. In the bottom box, put down in plain English what inactivity delay you wish to use - for example, 5 minutes or 10 minutes 30 seconds. That's it!

What's this "Advanced" tab?

Instead of running poclbm, you can specify an executable to run in its place. From this tab, just select the desired program you want to run after the delay, the arguments for it, and you're all set!

I love it! How can I help out?

Pull requests for bug fixes and added features are certainly welcome.
Donations in bitcoins are welcome to 1D3zuM3Zg1bf7G7xeHd9Mh5j9gH3FgRv2x