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pyCoin - Python Bitcoin "Payment Gateway"

What is it?

pyCoin is a simple "payment gateway" to help facilitate receiving Bitcoin payments from your customers for particular services. This script was made at first to accept pre-pay registrations for a LAN party. Each user fills out a simple contact form and is then given a unique address to send their payment to.

Install pre-requisites

simplejson and bitcoin-python are required. They can be installed by running pip install simplejson bitcoin-python

ToDo List

  • Recycling of addresses
  • Email confirmations that coins have been received
  • Utilization of the Bitcoin client's "Account" functions
  • (your idea here?)

I love it! How can I help out?

Pull requests for bug fixes and added features are certainly welcome. Donations in bitcoins are welcome to 13iGUEL2yuu46J3j1uJkD2EKTtQZTqNXgm