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Linux packaging files for the Arch User Repository (AUR)
Shell Python
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_addon-sdk addon-sdk-esr: 1.12
_coverity coverity-submit: use md5 (given upstream)
_debian debhelper-python: whitespace fixes
_lio targetcli-fb: 2.1.fb40
_musicbrainz remove left over $_python
_suse obs-service-format_spec_file: 20150121-1.6
_vimwiki delete vim-vimwiki-hg
cccc cccc: don't install in build()
dcron dcron: patch by ponsfoot
firefox-esr-alt picard-plugins: fix coverart install
holyspirit-svn holyspirit-svn: update svn repo url
lib32-ffmpeg lib32-ffmpeg: fix dependencies (namcap)
lola1 lola1: created with 1.18
pnapi pnapi: created as 4.0.3
python-keyring python-keyring: 3.8
python2-pymetrics pymetrics: nur für python2
rsynct rsynct: 3.0.9
ruby-svn create gitignores for src repos
rubyripper-git picard-plugsin-lastfmplus: beta -> 0.13
shunit2 shunit2: only install files actually needed
statsvn statsvn: create with 0.7.0
sysinfo sysinfo: imported from AUR as 0.7-8
tmake tmake: create package()
voglperf voglperf: add split with voglperf32 and voglperf64
webalizer-xtended webalizer-xtended: only use GeoIP
xmms2-git xmms2-git: add systemd file from community
xmms2 addon-sdk-esr: 1.12
xrdp-git add gitignore for xrdp-git
yaoqiang-bpmn-editor yaoqiang-bpmn-editor: 2.2.18
.gitignore ignore *.tgz
README.rst info about bugs and comments in readme



These are PKGBUILDs for the Arch User Repository (AUR).

That repository hosts user supplied source package definitons for Arch Linux.

Most of the source packages from my git repo are listed here: Packages by JonnyJD

You can can open pull-requests on GitHub and also open Tickets here, but make sure you comment in the AUR directly for everything that is important to other users of a package.

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