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add browser option, close #15

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JonnyJD committed Dec 2, 2012
1 parent 2f36bcf commit 48e57c3c4535ac2e1e2149d513d1ab5976c157e8
Showing with 15 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +15 −8
@@ -165,6 +165,7 @@ def gatherOptions(argv):
# this default is only for libdiscid and mediatools
defaultDevice = "/dev/cdrom"
defaultBrowser = "firefox"
prog = scriptname
parser = OptionParser(version=scriptVersion(), add_help_option=False)
parser.set_usage("%s [options] [user] [device]\n %s -h" % (prog, prog))
@@ -182,6 +183,8 @@ def gatherOptions(argv):
help="Force using a specifig backend to extract ISRCs from the"
+ " disc. Possible backends are: %s." % ", ".join(backends)
+ " They are tried in this order otherwise." )
parser.add_option("--browser", metavar="BROWSER",
help="Program to open urls. The default is " + defaultBrowser)
parser.add_option("--debug", action="store_true", default=False,
help="Show debug messages."
+ " Currently shows some backend messages.")
@@ -204,6 +207,8 @@ def gatherOptions(argv):
# Mac: device is changed again, when we know the final backend
# Win: cdrdao is not given a device and will try 0,1,0
options.device = defaultDevice
if options.browser is None:
options.browser = defaultBrowser
if len(args) > 0:
print "WARNING: Superfluous arguments:", ", ".join(args)
if options.backend and not hasBackend(options.backend, strict=True):
@@ -442,12 +447,13 @@ def getRelease(self, submit=False):
if self._release is None:
if submit:
url = self.submissionUrl
print "Would you like to open Firefox to submit the disc?",
print "Would you like to open the browser to submit the disc?",
if raw_input("[y/N] ") == "y":
os.execlp('firefox', 'firefox', url)
os.execlp(options.browser, options.browser, url)
except OSError, e:
printError("Couldn't open the url in firefox:", str(e))
printError("Couldn't open the url in %s:"
% (options.browser, str(e)))
printError2("Please submit it via:", url)
@@ -640,8 +646,8 @@ def cleanupIsrcs(isrcs):

url = "" + isrc
if raw_input("Open ISRC in firefox? [Y/n] ") != "n":
Popen(["firefox", url])
if raw_input("Open ISRC in the browser? [Y/n] ") != "n":
Popen([options.browser, url])
raw_input("(press <return> when done with this ISRC) ")

@@ -809,12 +815,13 @@ def cleanupIsrcs(isrcs):
url = releaseId + "/discids" # The "releaseId" is an url itself
print "This url would provide some info about the disc IDs:"
print url
print "Would you like to open it in Firefox?",
print "Would you like to open it the browser?",
if raw_input("[y/N] ") == "y":
Popen(['firefox', url])
Popen([options.browser, url])
except OSError, e:
printError("Couldn't open the url in firefox:", str(e))
printError("Couldn't open the url with %s: %s"
% (options.browser, str(e)))

trackOffset = askForOffset(disc.trackCount, releaseTrackCount)

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