py2app dmg/dylib problems again #43

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JonnyJD commented Oct 20, 2014

The current Picard build (1.3) doesn't work with discid support when packaged with py2app 0.9.

The stacktrace is:

File "discid/libdiscid.pyo", line 93, in _open_library
10/21/14 12:23:15.925 AM [0x0-0x645645].org.musicbrainz.picard: File "ctypes/__init__.pyo", line 443, in LoadLibrary
10/21/14 12:23:15.925 AM [0x0-0x645645].org.musicbrainz.picard: File "ctypes/__init__.pyo", line 365, in __init__
10/21/14 12:23:15.925 AM [0x0-0x645645].org.musicbrainz.picard: OSError: dlopen(libdiscid.0.dylib, 6): image not found

While the dylib is in /Applications/MusicBrainz

JonnyJD commented Oct 20, 2014

This was already a problem in #42, but should have been fixed in py2app already:

As a quick fix the patch/commit from #42 was used (0619094).

JonnyJD commented Oct 22, 2014

Please note that I don't have a Mac available so somebody else will have to track that down and possibly open an new issue for py2app.


Can you please merge this to master and release a new version? Picard can't be built on OS X without this.

@JonnyJD JonnyJD added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 29, 2017
@JonnyJD Merge branch 'dmg'
According to luks py2app still isn't fixed
so this is necessary for Picard.

See pull request #42
and issue #43
JonnyJD commented Jan 29, 2017

I am not sure why py2app still fails although this should have been fixed in py2app.
I still can't test it, as I don't have any machine with OS X.

I merged #42 and released python-discid 1.1.1 though.

@JonnyJD JonnyJD closed this Jan 29, 2017
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