This is the peepcode example. Redone from backbone to Meteor js and also uses angularjs
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Meteor + AngularJS + peepcode tune

Hello. I wanted to learn more about meteor and also frameworks like backbone/angular because I had not worked with any of them and have been hearing good things. I decided to try and implement the peepcode tune example in just meteorJS (Here) and also in Meteor and angularJS (this project).

Peepcode tunes

Peepcode tunes is just a demo that the peepcode screencasts go through to learn backbone.

It was really pleasant re creating it in Meteor with angularJS. But meteor is changing frequently so I am waiting for them to release how the api for packages will work before I make to much with it.

I use the awesome AngularJS package (unofficial) for Meteor. (Here). The author is awesome and very helpful!


I do not use meteorite. (You can try it)

  1. Created a folder in /Users/me/meteor/ where I cloned the meteor project. (then when you want to run any the meteor command you type /Users/me/meteor/meteor whatever). This uses that meteor installation instead.

  2. clone the angular project to /Users/me/meteor/packages.

  3. Then clone this project and you should be able to do: /Users/me/meteor/meteor add angularjs (or whatever its cloned as in that directory).