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A thin PureScript wrapper for WebGL types and methods
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See the module documentation for all exported functions, constants, and types.

This library is the thinnest possible PureScript wrapper for JavaScript WebGL methods, providing just enough to wrap possible null/undefined values in their respective empty contexts. Returned values are wrapped in the Eff monad, using the Canvas effect provided by purescript-canvas for compatibility with general HTMLCanvasElement functions.

This library is generated by parsing the Khronos IDL for the WebGL specification with the included Haskell parser and pretty-printer. This library should not be altered manually but instead by modifying the parser/printer.

This library is not intended for production use, but instead to be wrapped by additional libraries providing type-safety and error checking and handling. Users should note that a returned Nothing value is indicative of a WebGL failure and handle accordingly.

Khronos IDL Parser and PureScript Printer

To build the parser/printer, ensure you have a recent version of Haskell and cabal-install installed, and then:

> cabal sandbox init
> cabal install --only-dependencies
> cabal build

To run the generator on the included IDL and output the contents into the correct PureScript modules:

> cabal run docs/WebGL-1.0.3.idl

If modifying the parser, be sure to regenerate the module documentation by running the default Grunt task. Ensure you have a recent version of Node and npm installed, and then:

> npm install
> bower install
> grunt


This package is built upon the amazing amounts of hard work done by Jurgen Nicklisch-Franken, from whom the original parser/printer was forked.

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