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Distributed Monte-Carlo Raytracer
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Distributed Monte-Carlo Raytracer

Authenticate with Github

  1. Create RSA-key if you don't have one already

  2. Add public key to Github profile

    • copy everything from (or where ever you stored the key) to Github-> your profile -> SSH Public Keys
  3. Configure your local git:

    • git config --global "Your name"
    • git config --global ""

Working with Aptana Studio 3

  1. Install Pydev (for frontend, Python coding) and CDT (for backend, C++ coding)

  2. File -> Import -> Git Address is git@github:Jontte/DMCR.git

  3. You should now have one new project:

    • DMCR The DMCR-project includes the other two, but to make use of Eclipse, C++ and Python must be own projects also. So we must import them as projects.
  4. File -> Import -> General - Import existing project into workspace Choose DMCR/frontend or backend Don't allow Eclipse to copy project contents

    NOTE: As you import backend, Eclipse builds it automatically. (At least if you have the dependencies.)

  5. Repeat for the other one Now you should have three projects:

    • backend
    • DMCR
    • frontend
  6. If you have problem with files and folders showing twice in Project Explorer:

    • Click on the drop-down arrow in Project Explorer
    • Select "Customize View"
    • Switch to "Content"
    • Disable "Local Filesystem" That should work.

Building the backend

  1. Make sure you have the dependencies

    • GCC-compiler (version >=4.6.0 for C++11 functionality)
    • Google protobuf (libprotobuf-dev in Ubuntu)
    • libpng
  2. $ make depend

  3. $ make

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