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Promote charitable giving whilst encouraging mental and physical wellness. - Built at HackRPI 2015
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Run or fund is a dynamic web and mobile application that promote charitable giving whilst encouraging mental and physical wellness.

What it does

Users input a fitness goal in terms of calories lost or average heart rate (BPM); if the user fails to meet their goal, then a charitable donation will be made in their name for the organization of their choice.

How I built it

Using AWS to host our server as well as utilizing the APIs of Microsoft, Firebase, Google+ and more, we developed a web system with an incorporated database and mobile app which gets the data from the Microsoft Band and processes the data to determine whether or not the user met their goal.

Challenges I ran into

We had issues with improper documentation along with some user error. We had to rebuild our server 4 separate times through out the night and we had issues with AJAX and properly integrating user authentication.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though we had such a limited time for a fairly ambitious project, we made significant progress and have a working proof of concept that could be further polished for public deployment.

What I learned

Use good practices for HTML and CSS as well as ensureing there are plenty of back-ups.

What's next for Run or Fund

More API integration to further the capabilities to include suggested routes which will allow the user to meet their goals while having a good experience.

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