Gorilla REPL integration for Incanter
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Gorilla REPL integration for Incanter.


Add [incanter-gorilla "0.1.0"] to your project's dependencies. You will also need to have the lein-gorilla plugin in your project's plugin vector (see Gorilla REPL's getting started page for help with installing Gorilla). You can then (use 'incanter-gorilla.render) in your Gorilla worksheets.

To display an Incanter chart in your worksheet use (chart-view pl), where pl is any JFreeChart generated by Incanter. Note that a snapshot of the current state of the plot is shown in the worksheet so: dynamic plots will not work; and you should add all annotations etc before viewing the plot (of course, you can view it more than once!). The chart-view function takes :plot-size and :aspect-ratio options.

You can see an example Gorilla worksheet here that shows some Incanter plots.


This code is licensed to you under the MIT licence. See LICENCE.txt for details.

Copyright © 2014- Jony Hudson