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JBCookies displays information about the use of cookies. The module is ready to support any multilanguage page.


Product details

Package:  Module

Compatibility: Joomla

License: Non-Commercial

Languages: English (en-GB), Spanish(es-ES), Catalan (ca-ES), Italian (it-IT), German (de-DE), Dutch (nl-NL), Polish (pl-PL), Portuguese (pt-PT), Swedish (sv-SE), Greek (el-GR) (by Makis Chatzopoulos), French (fr-FR) (by Pascal)

Requirements for installation

  • Version of Joomla 3
  • Bootstrap 2.3.2 or 3.x (Default version of the core Joomla or your template) or Uikit (In your template)
  • Template for Bootstrap, for example Protostar

After the installation

  • Choose a position used in the template.
  • Check the tab languages.


  1. Position: Top, Bottom.
  2. Background color: White, Black.
  3. Color link: Blue, Green, Orange, Red.
  4. Addicional Information: Hide, Show.
  5. Framework: Bootstrap, Uikit.
  6. Article in popup window: No, Yes.
  7. Languages: Add Details, languages that are installed on Joomla are displayed.
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