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Responsive Layout for JoomGallery based on Bootstrap.


This is work in progress and far from being finished. Please provide feedback, any comments suggestions are welcome!

This layout is optimized for Bootstrap 2.x which is currently shipped with Joomla! 3.x by default. If your template uses Bootstrap 3.x instead please have a look at instead.

How to use

  • Download the zip archive of this repository and install it via the extension manager of Joomla.
  • Go to the menu manager and change the menu item(s) of JoomGallery from the default layout to the Bootstrapped layout.
  • If all other views (linked from these menu items) should use the bootstrapped layout as well go to the configuration manager of JoomGallery and set the option 'Frontend Settings' -> 'General Settings' -> 'Alternative Layout' to bootone.