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# BootOne
-Responsive Layout for JoomGallery based on Bootstrap
+Responsive Layout for JoomGallery based on Bootstrap.
### Note
-This is work in progress and far from being finished.
+This is work in progress and far from being finished. Please provide feedback, any comments suggestions are welcome!
+This layout is optimized for Bootstrap 2.x which is currently shipped with Joomla! 3.x by default. If your template uses Bootstrap 3.x instead please have a look at instead.
+### How to use
+- Download the zip archive of this repository and install it via the extension manager of Joomla.
+- Go to the menu manager and change the menu item(s) of JoomGallery from the default layout to the ```Bootstrapped``` layout.
+- If all other views (linked from these menu items) should use the bootstrapped layout as well go to the configuration manager of JoomGallery and set the option 'Frontend Settings' -> 'General Settings' -> 'Alternative Layout' to ```bootone```.

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